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The primary fuel source material in the anode of the MetAir® cells is zinc metal powder. The high purity zinc powder is safe, non-toxic, non-combustible, and environmentally friendly – delivering clean portable power in the MetAir® Cells. And because the MetAir® zinc-air batteries contain no added mercury, cadmium, lead or lithium, they are generally considered safe for disposal in the normal waste stream with no special hazardous waste handling required.

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MetAir Cell

MetAir Cell

The primary (disposable) zinc-air cells are modular and scalable prismatic units, each with a durable plastic case housing. Multi-cell assemblies combined in series or parallel, depending on voltage and current usage requirements, offer a variety of custom form factors:

  • Need a reliable backup power source to run or charge first responder emergency communications equipment in the field?
  • Need a customized, lightweight, portable power system for military use?
  • Planning a camping, boating, outdoor sports events or recreational adventure that requires off-grid power?

QSI can tailor MetAir® Cells, based on proprietary zinc-air technology, to meet your portable on-demand energy needs.

The MetAir® Cells, each individually capable of producing up to 65 amp hours, utilize zinc metal powder, air, and electrolyte to deliver the power or current inside the MetAir® Ranger system.

The fully-loaded MetAir® Ranger will hold multi-cell assemblies containing up to 36 disposable zinc-air cells (12-Series, 3-Parallel) in one single 25 lb. replaceable cartridge. The total system energy output can deliver up to 2.3 kilowatt hours or 2300 watt hours of reliable portable power – lasting up to 192 hours or EIGHT days, once activated by exposing to air. Once used, the zinc-air cells are generally considered safe for disposal in the normal waste stream.

See more MetAir Cell® product specifications here.

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