Introducing MetAir® Ranger Portable Power System

A high performance, low cost zinc-air battery supply, offering safe, lightweight, non-polluting portable backup power for emergency and mission critical applications when reliable on-demand power is a necessity.

MetAir® portable power systems are designed for:

  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Outdoor sports and recreation
  • Power to run or charge consumer electronics
  • Tactical soldier and military UAV applications
  • Electric vehicle applications

Reliable, Long-Lasting Power

Independent tests have validated that the MetAir Ranger® has achieved an unprecedented 192 hours – EIGHT days – of instantly accessible emergency power, far surpassing the industry’s 72-hour emergency preparedness benchmark

  • Learn more about zinc-air technology here.
  • See more MetAir Ranger® product specifications here.

MetAir® Ranger

Off-Grid, Emergency Back-Up Power – Day or Night

The MetAir® Ranger is a lightweight “personal portable power system” comprised of eco-friendly zinc-air battery cells.

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Unlike portable gas generators or lead acid rechargeable batteries, the MetAir® Ranger Portable Power System is a maintenance-free primary battery system that requires no liquid fuels, no power outlets, no solar panels, and no external energy sources to stay charged. The MetAir® Ranger is powered by zinc-air batteries, which are lightweight, high-energy, long-lasting, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

The MetAir® Ranger Portable Power System has multiple accessory options including: AC power inverter, multi-port USB charger, waterproof LED light, and cigarette lighter adapter. These options help provide convenient and reliable on-demand power to run or charge emergency communications equipment and portable consumer electronic devices. The MetAir® Ranger Portable Power System is self-contained and ready to grab-and-go in the event of an emergency, tactical situation, or when you’re off the grid enjoying the great outdoors for days at a time.

At under 25 pounds, one replaceable MetAir® Ranger battery cartridge provides nearly EIGHT times the specific energy of a similarly sized lead acid battery. In fact, MetAir® portable power generation products offer the highest energy density of any commercially available primary battery, and at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour. Learn more about zinc-air technology here.

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